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Get Your Product Research Findings Reviewed Before You Test Them and also Receive 3 Product Suggestions! 🔥

Perhaps the biggest (and costliest) mistake dropshippers make is testing oversaturated, non-valuable, low perceived value, and ultimately un-testworthy products. 

Prevent these costly mistakes and save your testing budget by having Paul and his team of 2 personally review your product research findings! 

You'll also receive 3 product suggestions that we have high confidence in! These 3 product suggestions aren't guaranteed winners, but they do exceed the criteria of what winners are! 

Get Your Products Reviewed & Receive 3 Product Suggestions!

  • Personally reviewed by Paul Lee, Ahmed, & Omar. Ahmed & Omar have 6 figures in combine revenue and are coaches at EcomX w/ verified revenue & vetted product research expertise. 
  • Review delivery within 1-2 days. 
  • Feedback provided for each product review decision.


    1. Choose Your Package

    Select the package that fits your needs (bulk order to save more, as your credits don't expire!)

    2. Receive Downloadable Google Sheet

    After ordering, you will receive an email that contains the Product Testing Spreadsheet. This sheet is for you to add your products onto. 

    3. Submit Sheet To Us

    After you send us your sheet, we will immediately get started and rate each of your product findings. You'll receive 3 product suggestions as well. And then we will inform you of completion via email! 


    There is a chance you may not get any product approved. In this case, you will still have to pay for the service of reviewal. If you did not get any approvals, you will be required to pay for another reviewal if desired. 

    You may only receive a maximum of 3 product suggestions per order, regardless of the product research quantity purchased.

    Refunds are not offered once you submit your product sheet to us. 

    Bulk order to save more! Your order will not expire, so you can place a bulk order in advance and use your credit for next time!